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About Us

Allround Electrical Services – We Love The Work We Do

At Allround Electrical Services, we come to work every day because we want to solve people’s electrical problems and in doing so we are helping keep our customers safe.

Starting as a small sole proprietor business, we have weathered the test of time to grow into a successful family owned company with many happy long term staff. In fact our Managing Director is the original founding owner/operator.

Since 1991 Allround Electrical Services has mainly operated in the Greater Brisbane, Logan and Gold Coast areas. Through years of experience we have the knowhow to assess and fix most electrical problems whether it be a repair, install, upgrade, parts sourcing or risk management. We are well known and trusted in the electrical industry and will travel and work in other areas for customers with multiple sites.

When reflecting on the long term success of Allround Electrical Services, we are most proud of our ability to identify and provide a level of service equal to each individual customer’s requirements, whilst maintaining a high level attitude to safety.

Today’s market place is full of shortcuts and pit falls that are not evident to the untrained. With most electrical installations being in service for many years, such shortfalls usually only become evident long after the initial installation, inevitably costing the owner considerable additional expenses in re-works, repairs and maintenance. Allround Electrical staff are selected, instructed and trained to identify your electrical needs, hazards and risks and as such will provide advice on the best suited installation methods and materials. We take pride in knowing that we will return to find your installation working as intended and to your satisfaction, long after the job is complete.

It really is as simple as “We Love The Work We Do”.

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