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New installations

Electrical Wiring for New Builds and Extensions

From simple extensions to new developments of multiple houses or units Allround Electrical Services will design and consult with you and your builder to ensure you develop the best electrical wiring plan for your requirements.

We will then complete the actual installation work through to the testing and hand-over with all electrical certifications taken care of.

Well-designed lighting

Let Allround Electrical Services show you how well-designed lighting helps increase the efficiency of lighting and reduce costs in your home or business. With the correct selection and placement of light fittings, light can be directed to where it is most needed, often reducing the number of fittings required to light an area. Allowance can be made for the effect of the walls, ceiling and floors that can reflect the light to other areas of the room. A variety of lights in a room can accommodate for different functions of the room, mood lighting, feature lighting and the colour of light will all affect the ambience of an area.

Energy Efficiency

Domestic – Energy savings on lighting of between 30% and 50% can be made with the installation of the correct lighting and lighting controls. LED lighting will help save running costs and can be used for feature lighting to set the mood of a room. Devices such as sunset switches, movement sensors and timers all have a place in managing a home’s lighting. Additional costs can be saved by the correct selection of Control Tariffs and energy saving Appliances.

Commercial – For the average commercial building lighting can account for more than 60% of its energy costs. ¬†Lighting also provides the best opportunity for a business to reduce its electricity bill. A combination of energy efficient lighting, lighting controls such a sensors and timers can dramatically reduce a business’s energy costs. Reduction of peak max demand and correct use of control tariffs can also provide large savings in Industrial/Commercial premises.

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