Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar Panel Maintenance & Cleaning

Harnessing the sun’s energy to power your home or business saves both money and precious energy reserves however a damaged or malfunctioning solar photovoltaic system will negate all this good work and may result in your system becoming unsafe. As with any Electrical installation, systems and components need regular checking and testing to ensure they are operating within their parameters without damage or degradation.

Solar Photovoltaic components are designed to work as a system and whilst they by and large require very little upkeep or maintenance, when a single component malfunctions the performance, efficiency and sometimes safety of the system are compromised. System malfunctions or reduced performance whilst normally down to only a handful of reasons are able to go undetected for an extended period of time thus reducing the return on your system installation investment.

In addition, there has been a number of product manufacturer safety recalls of various components along with industry installation and regulatory standards improvements. As a result some older systems may contain components that are not up to safety standards or require minor alterations to upgrade safety and system performance.

For this reason we specialise in Repairs, Maintenance, Cleaning and Upgrade of existing systems.

Annual Inspection & Testing

Most solar panel systems across Brisbane and the Gold Coast are fine with basic checks and cleaning 1-2 times a year. Whilst some manufacturers suggest that solar panels do not need to be cleaned as they have self-cleaning glass it is recommended that all systems be professionally cleaned in order to remove accumulated residue, dust/dirt and soiling from possums, birds, and bats as natural rainfall can be insufficient to adequately clean the panels.

In conjunction with cleaning the rooftop panels it is important to check all system components for damage, deterioration and possible faults. Many of the parts are inaccessible to the owner with items mounted on the roof, within ceiling cavities or accessible only by qualified CEC accredited tradespeople.

Solar Photovoltaic Systems are only cost efficient when they are working at maximum output and for that reason it is best to get them checked and cleaned at least once a year.

What we do to

  • Electrical inspection to check for faults and loose cables or connections
  • Check for corrosion in connections & equipment
  • Check the system for recalled manufacturers products
  • Check for cracks and deterioration of the solar panel
  • Clean the solar panels to let more light to the photovoltaic cells
  • Recommend if any overhanging trees need to be trimmed
  • Test and measure the system’s performance / output

So, to keep your solar panels performing safely and to their optimum energy efficiency, call Allround Electrical Services. We will have one of our experienced and friendly solar energy electricians come to your house or business, at a time that suits you.

Durability of the Panels

Solar panels are built to endure harsh and unpredictable weather. This means that they are prepared for Brisbane’s harsh climate. In preparation for their life exposed to the elements, solar panels have become very durable and unlikely to crack or break, however for various reasons the unexpected can happen. If cracks or changes in the surface appearance of your panels are present it is best to identify any such issues ASAP. Most Solar panels come with long warranties, usually 25 years and as such, damage to panels may be covered by the manufacturer Warranty. Allround Electrical Services can identify and assess such issues while on site to ascertain the reduction in system performance and facilitate any necessary repairs.

To ensure your system keeps working throughout and well beyond its warranty period, call us on 07 3808 5553 to book your solar panel maintenance check. You can be sure we will thoroughly clean and check your solar power system and restore it to its maximum power output.

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