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Heat, whether your system is electrical or mechanical is the first sign of failure. It takes the right tools such as a thermal imaging camera to find heat, diagnose potential points of failure and troubleshoot breakdowns.

Thermographic inspections of electrical connections and components can instantly identify dangerous areas of increased temperature (caused by additional resistance) in electrical switchboards, equipment, machinery and wiring which can potentially cause equipment failure and fires in your business premises.

Allround Electrical infrared thermoscans find hot, dangerous problems quickly. This is important as increased heat is an early sign of electrical failure and potential safety hazards. Infrared thermography is the best preventive maintenance measure and diagnostic tool available for finding these hot connections in the early stages of degeneration.

How Does Electrical Thermal Imaging Work?

Electrical Thermal Imaging refers to the non-destructive testing of parts, materials or systems through imaging of thermal patterns to detect temperature variation of electrical components in switchboards and electrical infrastructure.

It works using a specialised infrared camera to detect and measure heat. The thermalscan camera creates an image of all heat sources providing an immediate picture of how the components are working.  From the resultant thermograms early attention is drawn to areas of heat anomalies that can result in equipment failure, or in extreme cases fire due to excessive electrical resistance .

Electrical Switchboard Inspections

Allround Electrical Services Brisbane & Gold Coast conduct thermal imaging reporting on the condition of electrical switchboards and distribution boards. Our specially trained electrical technicians  use the latest infrared camera technology to find and analyse heat patterns of faults &/or defects. Many of the electrical issues that Allround Electrical has found during inspections show no visual signs of wear and tear, no visual signs of melting or disfiguring and no clear signs of corrosion.

Thermal imaging inspections are the most effective predictive maintenance available in the electrical industry. Planned and periodic thermal imaging inspections have identified many critical faults that could have caused fatal damage.

Benefits of Thermal Scanning (Thermoscan) for Electrical Systems

  • Identification and repair of high resistance connections can reduce energy inefficiencies
  • Accurately identify issues so repair can be specific to the fault
  • Early detection of potential future defects
  • Photographic evidence and reports are compiled for reference allowing repairs to be actioned on a priory basis.
  • Minimise the occurrence of fire due to electrical faults
  • Minimise costly unscheduled downtime caused by major electrical faults
  • Assists with insurance compliance requirements
  • Peace of mind that we have identified any fault or defect and removed the risk of fire, property loss or break down, which might have occurred
  • Non thermal and/or Safety problems that are apparent during our inspection can be identified, photographed, recorded and included in your inspection report

How Often do I Need a Thermographic Inspection?

In any electrical system, increased resistance can be caused by loose connections,  poor installation practices, component age, fatigue, oxidation and wear.  Significant cost savings in reduced maintenance and production losses can be obtained  by limiting the risk of damage or failure of part or all of an installation. As such it is recommended that all installations either new or existing , large, medium or small be inspected and checked regularly by infrared thermal imaging to confirm there is no abnormalities present.

It is the responsibility of all business owners to make sure their work environment is safe from hazards. Allround Electrical recommend one of their qualified thermogaphic trained electricians conduct  thermographic inspection of all key electrical main switchboards, distribution panels and major electrical plant at least annually . We also recommend  large scale electrical infrastructure and equipment be routine thermal scanning more regularly as part of a maintenance program.

Having an annual scan may also help to reduce the cost of insurance policies. Two of the most popular reasons an infrared thermal imaging scan may be completed are due to Insurance Company assessments and to ensure compliance with Workplace Health and Safety regulations.

If you have a new or remodelled commercial building, or are installing, upgrading or maintaining your commercial power system, contact Allround Electrical Services today to book a thermographic inspection and report or call on 3808 5553 to discuss your requirements.

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