Solar Panel Repairs

Solar Panel Repairs Brisbane

Ensuring your solar energy system is operating at optimum efficiently is imperative for you to reap the full benefits of solar. Over time, solar systems can encounter reliability problems. Having an experienced and trusted repairer is essential to ensure your solar system is back up and operating as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Your Local Brisbane, Logan & Gold Coast Solar Repairer

Due to the long life of the panels, it is unlikely that the solar panels will require major repairs. It is more likely that the solar inverter or other parts of the system will need to be repaired over time. If there is an issue with the inverter, or you notice any obvious signs that cables are damaged, it would be classed as an electrical problem. As such, you should only allow a qualified electrician, with additional “Clean Energy Council Grid- Connect Accreditation” , to assess and repair any damage.

Call and talk to an Allround Electrical Accredited Installer/Repairer for all your solar system repairs. Do not attempt to fix the problem yourself if you are not qualified to do so. Not only will it be potentially very dangerous, but you could also void your warranty agreements. Many warranties and solar panel contracts state that only qualified professionals should attempt to fix the system for you to remain within the terms and conditions and not void your warranty.

What’s included in our Solar Repair Service?

  • A licensed electrician with appropriate Solar Accreditation will visit your premises to inspect and perform minor repairs to your Solar photovoltaics (PV) system
  • Test for and check output errors and measure the system’s performance
  • A no obligation quote will be provided if the system cannot be repaired by using minor consumable parts.

We supply a 12-month warranty on workmanship and parts for peace of mind. The cost of maintaining solar panels is not high compared to their potential to save money on your electricity bill.

High Quality Installations and Repairs

Our installers and repair technicians are qualified electricians with the appropriate Solar Accreditations, we have knowledge and experience with all brands in Residential and Commercial solar power systems of all sizes throughout Brisbane, Logan & the Gold Coast.

Our friendly team will ensure your solar system is installed, repaired and maintained to achieve maximise performance.

Call Allround Electrical solar installers today for the best deals on annual cleaning, maintenance and repair services.

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