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Inspection & Testing

Electrical Inspection & Test and Tag Brisbane

Allround Electrical Services can carry out all electrical inspections and test and tag for your home or business. This is needed in order to ensure that a working or living environment is electrically safe from potential accidents. Our friendly and experienced electricians can help you, by ensuring that you, your employees and residents are safe from potential hazards. Not only is it vital to meet all health and safety regulations for legal reasons, but the tests will also give you complete peace of mind that your building is safe.

Commercial Test & Tag

The law stipulates that all electrical wiring, installations and appliances should be in good working order so that they will not harm anyone, even under fault conditions. This applies to all businesses regardless of whether it is a take-away, nursing home or hotel.

Allround Electrical Services offer test and tag to meet both your legal and insurance requirements. We can test your electrical to make sure it is safe to be used and if it passes will issue a safety record. In the event that it fails we will issue a report detailing the results and the work required to fix it.

We can also check and repair your Emergency Lighting and Safety Switch (RCD Units) at the correct intervals to ensure your company is meeting the legislated requirements

Home Buyer Reports

Buying a new house or unit can be one of the most expensive purchases you’ll ever make. With so many Reality TV programs promoting “Do It Your Self Renovations” it is now more important than ever to get a Pre Purchase Electrical Check.  If you buy your new home and then find out that it needs to be re-wired this can be extremely expensive. If you find out your new home needs re-wiring after you have bought it there is nothing you can do and it is likely that you will be up for additional unexpected costs, however if you find out beforehand you can discuss the details with the sellers and possible reach a resolution.

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