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Data & Fibre Optic Cable Installation and Relocation

Allround Electrical Services is a certified installation company for the Molex branded product. We are authorised to provide a 25 year product, system performance and application assurance warranty on jobs performed on behalf of our customers. We offer a range of data and fibre optic wiring and network cabling services in the Brisbane, Logan and Gold Coast area. So talk to us about the benefits of pre-wiring your new house, office building or extensions for data cabling.

We can provide your premises with data cabling and network points to help everyone access the internet on your own network. Allround Electricals’ extensive data cabling experience ensures a more service-oriented approach, with less time wasting and better looking installations, offering a complete solution to your requirements.

Generally, data cables contain either fibre optics or copper.  Our experienced staff are trained and authorised to install both mediums and can advise on the best method of installation for your circumstances.

Currently, there are three types of copper data cabling you can use depending on your requirements. There is CAT 5e cabling, CAT 6 cabling and CAT 7 cabling.

CAT 5e Cabling

Cat e5 is more suitable for home and small business use. In the home it would be used to connect to the NBN or set up a network from a central server, from which cabling can be taken to other rooms in your house where other devices can receive electronic signals wirelessly.

Cat 5e has been around for a number of years now, but is still used extensively by small businesses and homes for communications, data transfer, and media applications.

CAT 6 Cabling

With more applications being used on networking systems, including video streaming, users often require higher bandwidth. CAT 6 cabling gives you exactly that.

Cat 6 has a higher transmission performance, and there is less room for corrupting or losing data, which is good news for any business. While mainly used by businesses, it is also becoming a popular choice in the home market. This is mainly due to the growth in NBN connections, home media streaming and gaming.

CAT 7 – New Data Cable Technologies

With each data cable installation newer technology and solutions are becoming available to help meet the needs of our demanding lifestyles. Everyday changing conditions create more opportunities in assisting our customers manage their lifestyles and businesses.

We not only provide a basic CAT 5e or 6 data network but now more businesses, government departments and educational facilities are demanding the high-performance, high-bandwith of a CAT7 standard. This new standard features stricter specifications for crosstalk and system noise than Cat 6 data cable solution.

CAT7 is the required specification where, fibre to the desk, as an equal can be a prohibitively expensive option.

Fibre Optic

Allround Electrical Services offer a complete range of fibre optic services, from design, cable installation, splicing, testing, management & maintenance. Typical installation sites include businesses, commerce, defence, governments, healthcare, hospitals, industrial sites, offices, and schools.

So let us know of your requirements, or get advice on what type of data cabling is going to be the most suitable for you. Feel free to call us today.

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